Extra Credit: Elam Poster


This is an updated version of the Elam XCR I talked about earlier. If you’d like to earn some additional credit, you can choose one of your Elam posters and develop it into a polished, final version. You’ll need to pay careful attention to layout, type choice, color, and images. You should use graphical elements (photos, icons, etc.) in place of the simple non-objective elements. In other words, the poster should look like the example posters I showed in class for most of the Elam chapters and the polished examples in Elam’s book

This will require an initial draft that I’ll give you feedback on as well as a final version. You’d earn up to 5% extra credit towards your course grade (a not insignificant amount).

The first draft must be completed and submitted to me by November 14 so I have time to get you feedback. The final would be due on November 18.

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