9.1 Tuesday


Seating Chart

The administration reminded everyone that we’re supposed to use seating charts.


Quiz? Application?

Some Typographers/Designers

Erik Speakerman

Stefan Sagmeister (and this)

Paula Scher

Zuzana Licko

Massimo Vignelli

Type Classification

Use Lupton’s Type Classification guide to classify each example.

Type Families and Superfamilies

Mrs Eaves (Adobe)

Note that well designed fonts have careful variations across the family. For example, small caps versions are not simply scaled:

Monotype Macklin

Vectorizing Hand Lettering

Download this file to use in the tutorial.

Illustrator Tutorial

Open Illustrator

File > Place

Layer Properties: Set Opacity to 50%

Add new layer

Set foreground color to None

Choose Pen tool

Begin click+drag to create nodes around Glyph. You’ll be able to adjust them later.

When the glyph is finished, set foreground to black.

You can see some additional help on Adobe’s website.

Inkscape Tutorial

Layers > Layers

Adjust Opacity to 50%

Layers > Add Layer

Choose Edit Paths by Nodes tool (upper left) (it’s under the pointer tool)

Begin click+drag to create nodes on the Bezier curve around the first glyph.

When the glyph is full enclosed, set fill to Black.

In class: Create text for a Covid-related event in Google Docs.

For Thursday

Read the Elam Axial Chapter. Use the Covid event text we created today. Print four copies with all type the same size/font.

Cut out strips of text and arrange in four different variations on the axial system. Take a phone picture of each.

Choose one to develop more fully by changing font or size. Print, cut, and arrange. Take a phone picture.

In your Google Drive folder, create a new folder titled “Elam” and inside that folder, create another folder titled “Axial”. Put your five images in there.

Finish watching Helvetica.

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